Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mrs Duck & Bunny Rabbit

Everything was half-price today at the Assistance League Newport Mesa, so this little wooden duck and rabbit were only 50 cents.  I have the feeling they were once part of something larger; Mrs. Duck has a small hole on the bottom that looks as if maybe she was attached by a peg to a base, or ??? ... or maybe she once had feet! 

No matter, these two are as cute as can be.


  1. These are so CUTE, I would have grabbed them up too.. no matter what they originally must have come with! I'm SURE you'll find a good place/use for them... Love your "Road to Happiness" valentine, and wishing you a belated but very Happy Valentine's Day! ~tina

  2. Gosh, those are adorable! They look like the kind of wooden ornaments made in Germany. The small hole might be from being on some kind of peg to be painted. Just guessing! I'm officially jealous of this find!