Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Not long ago I stumbled on to a blog, creativebreathing, and fell instantly, madly, completely in love.  This super-talented woman makes the absolute cutest stuff on the planet!  She makes everything look easy, and shares her instructions and tips.  There isn't anything on her site that I don't want to try make for myself.

I decided to start with a Valentine.  I wanted to make it from materials I already had in my stash, so I looked through my computer files - I love greeting cards from the 40's, 50's and 60's, and I often google images of "vintage Valentine" or "vintage Christmas card", etc and save the files to my computer.  Plus, many crafters share their files online.  I don't remember where I found the original card with the kids in the car, so I can't give credit.  I also googled "license plate generator" and found a site here where you can enter whatever you want on a plate of your choice, so I have a California plate on my car.  My original plan was to have some trees, from an Easter card I have on my computer, in the background, but I could not find a good paper to go behind it. (mental note:  pick up some cute, small patterned papers next time you're in the craft or scrapbook store!)

And that's how I ended up with a black Valentine.  Adding some more hearts in white and red, little flowers made from hearts, and some little gems, it really was fairly easy (cutting out those white hearts with the scallop scissors - not so easy).  Looking at this little pile of components, I can't believe this little card took me two days to complete!  I still need to add my personal message on the back... that may take another day.  (I tend to over-think things... really slows me down!)

You can't tell in the picture, but the arrow and the kids are raised up off the card.  My only regret is the glitter.  I always want a little glitz - and the arrow needed something - but I did a terrible job with the glitter glue.  I don't think my husband will mind too much, though.

Through Creativebreathing's blog, as it so often happens, I've wandered here and there and found many more bloggers that I now follow,  and I can honestly say I'm addicted to reading blogs!  There are so many talented women out there.


  1. Well that came out nice and I like the idea about the license plate too very clever. I too have learned a lot about how to from E. She is the best there is and we all enjoy and love her very much.

  2. Donna, You simply have made my day! This is one of my very favorite Valentines, and you have given it just the perfectly perfect vintage touch it needed. I love the black background! Your husband will love the vanity plates! Too cute! I see my most favorite Nan has been here to visit. Truly this is such a wonderful community of women. Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my blog! Elizabeth

  3. Donna, I had to come check out your card after seeing your comment on Elizabeth's post. You did a great job! I love how you did the flowers out of cute little hearts! And the little touch of glitter on the car's bumper is the perfect touch, too!
    I think I'm addicted to blog-hopping myself. I often have to go back and check my history (something I just learned how to do - right click on the 'page back' or 'page forward' buttons at the top of the page to see a list of where you've been! Cool!) to see where I've been or where I've gone. There's just too many blogs to remember. Anyway, I adore Elizabeth's writing; and her crafts have such an innocence about them - and well, the colors are what catches my eye right off the bat! I'm a big fan of hers, but I'm a chicken on getting started on anything. Keep up the good work!